January 30, 2014 | Short Order

Chef David Malbequi Is Out at Rotisserie Georgette and Another Daniel Boulud Alum Moves In


Chef Davd Malbequi has left his post at the rotisserie.


          Georgette Farkas isn’t saying why but Rotisserie Georgette’s opening Chef David Malbequi is out and another Daniel Boulud alum is now tending the kitchen.

          Farkas is high on her new hire, 34-year-old Chad Brauze, in his first post running a kitchen. “Sometimes the stars just align,” she said. Brauze spent years at Daniel. He started as an intern from the CIA and worked his way up to sous chef. Boulud thought so highly of the young American, he sent him to France.

          Brauze spent a year with Thomas Keller, then decided he wanted a college degree. He graduated with a degree in math and computer science from Columbia and has been working with Daniel.  He was on the team that produced Boulud’s masterly new cookbook – “Daniel: My French Cuisine” -- and was ready for a new challenge when Farkas – for 17 years, Buolud’s right hand – called her ex-boss for help.

         “Malbequi is a talented young man,” was the first thing Farkas said when I called. “He’s a good guy. He will do well.” Then she raced off mid-sentence to seat lunch guests. 


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