May 31, 2011 | Short Order
Bowing To My Twitter Fans In More Than 140 Words

        Between tweeting and keeping up with BITE: My Journal and my newsletter Fork Play and eating out eight nights a week, I don’t spend much time checking online chatter. So I was taken by surprise when a friend emailed in April that I had been cited as the most popular restaurant critic on Twitter by Dailymeal. Shocked. Not Sam? Since I was never going to come even close to catching up with Martha’s more than two million followers, I decided to relax a little. A few days later, my top ranking popped up on Huffington Post. My website got a hot rush too. The twitter count just topped 76,800 on Monday, June 20th.
        But there is no relaxing if you’re addicted to tweeting as it seems I am. I had to be persuaded to sign up by my friends Andrew Dornenberg and Karen Page. It would be good for InsatiableCritic, they said. I got my intern to type up instructions, and I kept them on my desktop. I tweeted about dinner. I twittered about bargains and discounts and solicited for Citymeals. I threw in two cents when I agreed with the Times and three cents when I disagreed. I found twitter great for venting rage. I attacked bankers and chauvinists, paralysis in the government and bacon in ice cream. I’m impetuous and often send off typos. I guess that makes me more human. The reader can see it’s not some flunky tweeting for me. Though heaven knows, I wish I could afford a devoted flunky or two. You’ll find me on

        What is it about your twitters? An interviewer asked. I don’t really know. Here are a few below:

Plaza Food Halls afterward.Ordered our favorites" Italian pizza tuna duo sushi roll, matriciana.Pizza burned&soggy. Where are uTodd English?

Keep Jay Mcinerney waiting? No wonder they couldn't keep Elaine's alive. Love readg old timers remembering4 Grub St.

Not sure why anyone wud make mixed vegetable or black sesame seaweed ice cream,as FloFab reports.Wish Ski Ice in Park Slope lots of luck #fb

@jacquestorres You mean the ice cream cart is just half a block away from my route home tonight? And tomorrow&tomorrow&tomorrow. Oh dear.#fb

Am I the only person who won't linkin with people I dont know? A link should be a recommendation. Never mind they got valued at zillions.#fb

Shared dark choc bar w/seasalt,curry powder,dark choc chips&butter toasted peanuts I designed on Chocomize.Didnt taste salt,otherwise great

Morning movie.Woody's Paris funny&fun,made me hungry for Paris,2 of us shared torrid merguez sausage sandwich w/harissa @Epicerie Boulud.#fb

Zarela Martinez quotes Evelyn Waugh."We love our friends not for their ability to amuse us but for our ability to amuse them." #fb

flanken/minestrone w/orecchiette on new menu at Fiorello not a pasta, as I thought, but marvelous ethnic collaboration @dinner lasngt

Dishes sez Associated Press Stylebooks 116 page food section adds locovore, amuse-bouche,farmstead but no accents for crème brûlée."#fb

Jane Pratt tells TimesStyle she looks so young @49 thanks to Zinc binges. Is that zinc possibly spelled botox? #fb

@NancySussan If you're selling mortgages seduction is business;if you're pitching romantic possibilities,oldfashioned seduction is flatterng

I hardly think the French own seduction.What New Yorkers do in restaurants is all about seduction, starting w/powerbkfast&business lunch#fb

Times ElaineSciolino thinks she'll learn abt seductn by "pretending" to have an affair,lst telling her husband.Duh.

As far as I can see the world did not end unless dinner lasngt was a mirage. Glad I didn't delete my backup or empty the icebox. #fb

I see the world is going to end Saturday. I certainly hope we get to finish dinner. #fb

         Once before I asked my assistant to gather some tweets and post them on this site under “Favorites.” The travel tweets might actually deserve a life in some other form. Click here.

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