June 23, 2010 | Short Order

Upper West Side’s Fairway Café gets stay of execution

        Fairway Café will not be closed as rumored, it was decided Tuesday by Fairway bosses and intelligentsia.  Instead 300 sq.ft. at the Market on Broadway between 74th and 75th will be seized for a bagel station to bake fresh bagels hourly for the retail bakery below. 

        Rumors that the mushrooming empire of Fairway might evict the reportedly non-profitable café to make room for more groceries had martialed an uprising of local defenders and even a Save Fairway Cafe website.

        In weighing groceries vs. egg salad sandwiches, Fairway executives seemed to be anticipating the competition of an imminent Trader Joe’s poised to entice the hungry and the seekers of organic on Broadway at 72nd. They agreed to revisit the issue in 10 to 12 months.

        Upstairs in the Café, Manager Mitch London insisted he had been shocked by the neighborhood response. “It was very touching.” Congratulatory calls had been coming in all morning. “I even got a call from France.” Asked if the bagel ovens might take over the space with the table where he sits surveying the action, he commented: “Let's not go nuts.” He agreed the logical spot was next to the already existing bread oven in the back. He wasn't planning a special cupcake to mark the decision or honor the activists. “Maybe when we're celebrating our 10th Anniversary in September.”

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