Mock Linguine Carbonara

        In 1990 the late Kathy Keeton, wife of Bob Guccione, asked me to do some fat-free recipes for Longevity magazine.  I improvised this low fat version of a recipe from Julie Dannenbaum’s “Italian “Fast and Fresh” and served it to a pasta-loving gourmand friend, not mentioning my variations. 

        “What do you think? I asked as I served dessert, sugar-free sorbet made with fruit stashed in the the freezer, pushed through a Champion juicer.  (This is all very 1990 Fork Play.)

        “Very good,” he said. “I love carbonara.”

        It’s almost twenty years later.  If you’re cutting on down fat, you’d probably broil or grill fish.  But if you’re into nostalgia…try my Mock Linguine Carbonara. 

        1 tablespoon olive oil
        3 slices turkey ham, cut into 1” x 1/3” strips
        1 medium red onion, chopped
        2/3 cup dry white wine
        1 8-ounce package of Egg Beaters
        4 tablespoons chopped Italian parsley
        Freshly grated pepper to taste
        1/3 cup grated parmesan
        1 pound linguine cooked (drained of all but ½ cup of cooking liquid)

        Heat oil in a nonstick skillet; add onion and sauté until soft. Toss in turkey ham; pour on wine and simmer until almost evaporated. Remove from heat and keep warm. Meanwhile, beat Egg Beaters with parsley, pepper and half of Parmesan. Combine with onion mixture; toss with hot linguine and ½ cup of its liquid. Serve with remaining cheese and a peppermill.

        Serves six as an appetizer.  Four as a main course.

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