September 12, 2011 | Short Order

Wynn/Las Vegas Seafood Star Paul Bartolotta poised to sign midtown lease


       Las Vegas/Wynn’s Star chef Chef Paul Bartolotta is close to signing a lease to open in midtown. He’s got an address in his sights and an architect too but isn’t talking till the deal is done.  Known for his namesake fish palace at Wynn’s Resort, a Bartolotto seafood house in midtown could challenge Marea and the new spiffed up Le Bernardin.

       Of course Bartolotta, the opening chef at Tony May’s San Domenico more than 20 years ago, has always wanted his own high end Italian restaurant.

       As the keeper of the jewel in Wynn’s Resorts fine dining scene, Chef Paul Bartolotta never had to think about food costs. His rarified seafood restaurant was almost totally reserved for the house’s whales – the big gamblers casinos host to keep them gambling.  Daily flights brought the catch of the world to him in land-locked Las Vegas. Busboys would roll out huge platters of piled high with gleaming sea critters the day’s catch for the guest to finger a choice.

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