December 10, 2012 | Short Order

Truffle Kerfuffle at US Customs holds up RedFarm delivery



          US Customs confusion over truffles is stifling holiday excess. Red Farm’s second annual celebration of truffle soup dumplings was stalled when customs refused to let the shipment of precious fungus through.




          “They wanted to know the manufacturer,” Eddie Schoenfeld reports. “I told them only God can make a truffle.”


          Last year’s truffle soupy dumplings were two for $18 and lasted through the Chinese New Year. 


          Chef Joe Ng has promised to do a special seven fishes menu for Christmas Eve. The dim sum prodigy is also developing new dishes for Red Farm’s spawn, soon to open at 2710 Broadway  (77th Street). He’s musing about foie gras and frog’s legs. Expect small dough-wrapped critters with eyes and antennas. 


          Installation proceeds uptown but Schoenfeld won’t even speculate on a possible opening date.




          Photographs by Steven Richter may not be used without permission for Gael Greene. All right reserved.


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