April 20, 2009 | Short Order
Accademia di Vino to open this summer       

        Accademia di Vino will open a twig of its successful Third Avenue wine bar in the 110 seat space Docks abandoned at 2427 Broadway near 85th Street.  Owner Tony Mazzola returned last week from an eating swing in Italy with his executive chef-partner Kevin Garcia to sign the deal. The Upper West Side Accademia, scheduled to open in this summer, will feature the same grilled pizzas and pastas, mostly Tuscan or Roman, some communal tables, a slightly smaller menu, and host John Fanning at the door.  Mazzola, onetime owner of the Sutton Wine Shop also runs ‘Cesca with Garcia.  In thirteen days of eating in Umbria, Positano and Tuscany that wound up Easter Sunday in Rome, Garcia was particularly excited to meet the legendary Tuscan butcher, Dario Cecchini in Panzano, who grilled him a huge “fiorintino” steak from the local Chianina beef.  Did he bring home new products or recipes?  No. Nothing. The chef says he came back inspired all over again by the Italian way of cooking - “things that are so simple taste so good.” 

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