June 19, 2012 | Short Order

What a shock I’ve been fired again. Crain’s is shrinking.

I may be out at Crain's
but I still have my hat and my passion.

           What a shock! I’ve been fired again. Crain’s New York Business is lightening up. It’s not quite as painful as being declared redundant by New York magazine but…ouch!

           The call from Glenn Coleman, replacing Xana Atunes as editor, brought back painful memories of being tossed aside by the oracle and chronicler of what’s hot and what’s not on their 40th anniversary…and my 40th year as their Insatiable Critic. The new boss, obviously assigned to slice a few bucks off the expenses, says “We love your work – I’ve always admired your work — but we can’t afford you.”


          Am I the oldest person in the world to be fired twice mid-forkful in less than four years? I was just getting used to my modest expense account again and, quite frankly, enjoying the print exposure. I love print. And certain of my most devoted followers don’t even know that Bite: My Journal is a weekly restaurant blog on a website called Insatiable-Critic.


          When NYM kicked me aside, the NYTimes said it was “The End of an Era.” How many ends can you have in one era? Well this was more like the end of a hiccup. But okay. I rejected an offered free meal last night and demanded a bill knowing Crain’s would pay so that I could maintain my professional integrity. Sob. Well, now I’m free for long vacations and all those assignments I’ve been turning away.


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